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Prescription drugs can now be purchased legally without prescription. Online purchase of drugs has become very common in the United States. Online pharmacies are developed with the intention of providing better deals for patients who want lots of drugs. If according to your doctor you need Vicodin, you can buy Vicodin no prescription from one of the pharmacies on the internet. The online pharmacies save you a lot of money because you don’t have to get prescription every time if you know the dosage and brand name of the drug.

Vicodin is normally prescribed by doctors to relieve patients from moderate to severe pain. Dose for every patient can be determined only by doctors depending on their health condition. If you are already sensitive to hydrocodone or other types of narcotic drugs, you should inform your doctor right away because Vicodin is also a narcotic drug.

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Vicodin no prescription should be used with utmost care because drug combination can increase, decrease or alter the effects of the drug. Sluggishness and sleepiness is caused by Vicodin and these effects are increased by alcohol. It is not advisable to get involved in active jobs like driving after taking narcotic drug like Vicodin.

Heavy dosage of Vicodin can lead to dangerous side effects. Patients may experience slowed breathing and excessive sleepiness, leading to unconsciousness or coma. The amount of dosage that can be called as heavy varies with different individuals. Vicodin no prescription should never be shared with others even though you know their health condition. You may easily become addicted to Vicodin if used for a long time and dosage should not be stopped abruptly if you want to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

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